• Instruction booklets for Federal forms
  • Sign says that all Federal forms are available at the IRS website - www.irs.gov
  • Federal tax forms in a brand new display unit
  • Massachusetts state tax forms
  • Sign says that complete Massachusetts state forms are available at www.dor.state.ma.us
  • Additional tax resources
  • All-important photocopy machine, handily right next to the display.

2006 Tax Forms

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This is a picture of how we display tax forms at my library - read more about it on my blog.

  1. striatic 79 months ago | reply

    that's a lot of paperwork!

  2. lesamonster 73 months ago | reply

    not sure if you've given this site permission...
    but they're using your photo.

    ... they didn't get permission from me, and that didn't stop them.
    so, i just thought i'd let you know.

  3. herzogbr 73 months ago | reply

    @lesamonster - thanks for the heads-up. I actually haven't given them explicit permission, but by default I copyright my photos in a way that permits people to use them, as long as they attribute it to me. However, I noticed the photo of yours they used (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lesamonster/2325375269 is copyrighted "all rights reserved," so they are definitely in the wrong there. It's worth pursuing, because copyright should be honored - just because something is possible doesn't mean it is legal.

  4. Emma simpson2 11 months ago | reply

    Wow! I can't believe how much tax forms you guys get through. I need to expand my team of cheap accountants to keep up.

  5. sudipta4376 2 weeks ago | reply

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