• Bottle opener and screwdriver. The screwdriver part is one of the tools I use the most.
  • Small knife blade. This is usually sharper than the large blade, is generally safer, and also, I find, attracts less attention.
  • Saw. People are skeptical about how well this could possible cut, but I promise you that has easily cut through small trees, drywall, 2x4s and pretty much anything else I've tried it on, and it's still sharp.
  • Scissors. A coworker once "sharpened" these for me, and sadly, they've never been the same. Also sadly, all knife models I've seen have either the scissors (like this Fieldmaster) or the pliers (like the Deluxe Tinker), but not both. That's a tough choice to make.
  • Scissor spring. This is the only part of the knife that isn't original. It broke in about 2003, but I got a replacement from L.L. Bean for about $0.50.
  • Large blade. Good for general-purpose cutting, and for spreading butter on bread when backpacking through Ireland. Also, surprisingly, it is shiny enough to use a mirror.
  • Can opener and fine screwdriver. In contrast to the bottle opener/screwdriver, this is one of the tools I use the least.
  • Leather punch. I've use this for various things, but, believe it or nor, I've also honestly use this as a leather punch (for punching new holes in a leather belt after a friend of mine lost weight)
  • Hook thing. The consensus on this is that it's either used to carry packages that have been wrapped up with string, or else to aid a hasty escape by sliding down a wire. I haven't used it for either of these things yet.
  • Phillips screwdriver. Useful on both small and regular sized screws. And infinitely more useful than the corkscrew.
  • Keychain ring. I don't keep a ring on this because I just carry it in my pocket, and it is quieter this way.
  • Tweezers and Toothpick (toothpick on other side). Both of these get used, and amazingly have not gotten lost over the years.
  • Swiss Army logo - I think there are a few different "official" swiss army knives (and lots of knock-offs), but I like Victorinox the best.
  • Boy Scouts of America logo - I have no idea why this is on here, because this isn't called the "Boy Scout" model or anything.

My Swiss Army Knife

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I got this when I was a freshman in college, and have pretty much carried it ever since. If almost any of my friends were asked to describe the contents of my pockets, this would likely be the first thing listed. This is the Victorinox Fieldmaster, and see notes for a description of each tool.

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  1. stressmaster5000 87 months ago | reply

    OK, nice. Check out my Explorer model.

  2. FrankB5 78 months ago | reply

    Nice work... the hook can also be used to pull buttons through tight holes, or a zipper thats tight ....

    More examples here of old-fashioned button pullers..http://www.thebuttonhooksociety.com/using.html

  3. ChrisC_P 52 months ago | reply

    Nice. I can see that blade's been sharpened a LOT. LOL

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