Pictogram movie posters
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This is an ongoing project, that just got started. So, count on lots of additional work in this project, in the future.

What I do, is that I make a quite simple movie poster, including one or a few pictograms, displaying the theme of the film. Either original pictograms combined, or modified ones, to fit with the film. As the title poster says, I try to bring a twist to it, and not get too simple. I can sometimes feel that all these minimalist movie posters get a bit boring, a bit too simple, with just an object from the film and the title underneath it. That is something I try to avoid, so please, let me know if I go there. My e-mail is currently viktorhertz@hotmail.com.

Big thanks to www.thenounproject.com, who provide a great collection of pictograms. I visit them more often than YouTube, these days.

Hope you like the posters!

All the best,
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