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    Social networking 2008. Compare with 2005 (see below). The hardware has changed. A Mac replaces the old HP PC and the PDAs have gone, replaced by an iPhone. The Mac has been tweaked to run Windows as well, otherwise Picasa / Hello isn't available, and nor is Outlook (except in the feeble Mac Entourage version). But sadly almost no one uses Hello these days despite it still being the best app for sharing and chatting around photos.

    1. HerryLawford ages ago | reply

      The Orangery

      Social networking 2005

    2. NetpopJosh ages ago | reply

      Ww, have your social networking activities changed btwn 2005 and 2008? Do you spend more time or less? What's your level of satisfaction with social networking today compared to back in 2005?

    3. williamli1983 ages ago | reply

      still stuck in windows xp after all these years?

    4. HerryLawford ages ago | reply

      well, not exactly! :-) The Mac works fine and fast, but I do have Windows XP running on it as well, otherwise i wouldn't be able to run several key apps - particularly Outlook. I preferred XP to Vista but might upgrade after the first major SP.

    5. HerryLawford ages ago | reply

      That's an interesting question, NetpopJosh. I probably now spend more time with a wider range of friends on a wider range of sites - viz Flickr, Facebook, Twitku2 and my two blogs (which are the things which really increase the time). I love it; always have loved the communication aspect of the internet and it's getting better and better.

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