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Singer Model 362 Fashion Mate ZigZag Sewing Machine. Fully Restored

A Revolution in Sewing! The Singer Fashion Mate, the sewing machine wonder of the century!


This Mad Men Era vintage machine circa 1964 from Surrender Dorothy has been Refurbished and Rebuilt in our workshop from the inside out. She runs just like the day she was built.


This is a general use domestic machine and will stitch anything from mid-weight leather and denim to fine silk with a stitch range from 6 to 30 stitches per inch.


This handy gal features a foot control, straight-lock stitch, four pattens and widths in zig zag, four width patterns in point stitch. Forward and reverse, feed-dog settings and built-in bobbin winder, 3 position needle settings. She'll hold any size needles between a size 8 to a size 22.


The outer case is plastic, but the mechanism of this belt driven gal is all metal; all steel precision gears and drive shafts and encased in a cast iron frame and table. This machine is built like a tank and runs just like a top.

She's in beautiful condition with very little wear. This beautiful machine is ready to go in her original carrying case.


I highly recommend this user-friendly machine to any newbie seamstress. She's a pretty much newbie-proof. This is the same model top-shelf quality sewing machine purchased by the hundreds of thousands by High Schools for Home Economics classes all over the USA during the Kennedy-Johnson Era.


For the same price as one of those horrible-tear-your-hair out new plastic nightmares from Walmart you could be driving this lovely carefree vintage dreamboat instead!

This machine weighs about 38 lbs.

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Taken on November 25, 2010