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Brownlands habitat: Dipsacus fullonum (+ Rumex + Atriplex) (48°07' N 16°31' E)

2011-07-05 Lower Austria, district Schwechat ( 175 msm Quadrant 7865/3).

This is a typical brownland habitat, located near Vienna airport: with some young Dipsacus fullonum in the foreground (not flowering yet), and further back - besides a selection of grasses (among which I only could determine Melica transsilvanica without any doubt) - some Rumex species (Rumex obtusifolius most likely), and to the left in the background Atriplex sagittata.

Of the bushes, Sambucus nigra of course is native while Prunus dulcis isn't (which is even fruiting there, although growing wild, which means it is not getting any professional attention whatsoever).

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Taken on July 5, 2011