Paradise Obscura
Paradise Obscura is a visual manifestation of the voyeuristic theme developed in Jack Kerouac's On the Road. By usurping the visual identity of a shopping bag, Paradise Obscura is an interventionist project that took place in (North Beach) San Francisco, at the intersection of Jack Kerouac's On The Road, City Lights Bookstore (owned by Beat poet/writer Lawrence Ferlinghetti) and the interpersonal acts of voyeurism as shoppers eye each other's bags in the city. The elements of Kerouac's seminal text are returned to the city where it was born, but within a new context: the shopping bag. One of Sal Paradise's thoughts (Kerouac's protagonist and other voice) while traveling in San Francisco is manipulated by the construction of the shopping bag. On the outside of the bag, half of the message, "I sat there with these two madmen" places words in the hands of the consumer, as if labeled by Kerouac, himself. On the inside of the bag, the message incriminates the consumer, "Nothing happened." This text could be translated to, "I bought something new...nothing happened;" and act as a challenge to beliefs and attitudes common to consumer culture.

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