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Ony Sky, one Moon, five Planets

This fisheye view of the night sky captures the moon and five planets: Venus is the brilliant "star" in the West (right), near the Plejades cluster. Jupiter is low in the western sky, below (i.e., to the right) of Venus. The red planet Mars shines high the sky, in the constellation Leo, the Lion, east (left) of the Moon. Saturn is just rising over the southeastern horizont (lower left), it's yellowish color is contrasting with the bluish star Spica next to it. The fifth planet that is visible in this image is, of course, our Earth - at least, part of it... ;)


The sky was photographed in a single 30 second exposure with a circular fisheye lens (Canon EOS 550D, ISO 800, 4.5mm, f/4.0). The corners were filled with additional exposures, taken with the same lens and exposure settings.


See this photo for a closer view of Venus, Jupiter, the Pleiades, the Hyades, and Orion, taken on the same evening.

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Taken on April 1, 2012