eddy and kids fr8 09-07-10

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    Eddy and two kids on his hot-dip galvanized Workcycles Fr8 with Massive Rack.

    Have fun spotting the typical Amsterdam/Workcycles elements.


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    1. spoonser 46 months ago | reply

      So many things wrong with this picture. Safety, man, safety!

    2. henry in a'dam 46 months ago | reply

      Oh, please do explain what's wrong with this picture.

    3. Green Idea Factory 46 months ago | reply

      Well... do functionalities count as typical elements? 1 - Teddy bear has a view; 2 - Man became so strong by cycling that another person grew out of his chest; 3 - Child has 10% higher IQ due to security created by bonding with father sitting just behind him on cycling excursions in the neighborhood; 4 - Sperm count increased by cycling resulting in need for two more child seats on rear rack available for modest sum; 5 - Something about wood and floating or burning with bottom of massive rack.

    4. spoonser 46 months ago | reply

      Two young kids--the child strapped to the chest is not protected in case of a fall. No helmets. On anyone. What are we teaching the kids?

    5. henry in a'dam 46 months ago | reply

      Thanks Green Idea.

      We're teaching the kids that cycling isn't a dangerous extreme sport requiring special protective gear. That the city is a place for people to live, work, play and enjoy. That cycling is cool, fun and the best way to get around.

      Some interesting statistics about the safety of cycling:

    6. spoonser 46 months ago | reply

      It doesn't matter how docile the sport is when you share the road with cars and other hazards. Unless the person cycling in the photo is riding alone in a vacuum tube made of foam where if he falls for whatever reason, he won't crush his child, I stand by my statement.

    7. Hugger Industries 46 months ago | reply

      Unless you've ridden in Amsterdam, it's hard to understand the difference; where bikes are the majority and cars yield. I'd have zero problem riding like this there or without a helmet. On the streets of Seattle? Totally different.

    8. henry in a'dam 46 months ago | reply

      Spoonser, Cycling with your kids to the daycare, school or park isn't a sport; it's a means of transport.

      Anyway there are risks in everything we do. An airplane could crash on your house, a lion could escape from the zoo and eat you, a psycho could shoot you in a MacDonalds. But the stats don't lie: in Amsterdam you're more likely to die by drowning than in a bike related accident but we don't walk around wearing flotation devices. You're more likely to die of murder in the USA than cycling in Holland but do Americans walk around wearing bulletproof vests?

    9. Green Idea Factory 46 months ago | reply

      Hugger, at the speeds which most vehicles travel on urban streets in the USA, not to mention aggressive driving behaviour and so on.... a helmet is rarely going to help. I think that wearing a helmet communicates a message of over-responsibility from cyclists which results in under-responsibility from drivers. They are a distraction. Your head is a helmet and the streets need to be softer. Still, cycling is very, very safe.

      Spoonser, I will offer you an even simpler argument. If you are going to promote cycling helmets, then please promote driving helmets. Both cycle and car crashes result in head injuries sometimes, so this seems fair, yes?

    10. Hugger Industries 46 months ago | reply

      @green idea factory we don't know each other, but long time ago, Henry, Marc, et al agreed to not get into a flame war over helmet opinions, so I'll have no further discussion about this and certainly not hijack Henry's post on an awesome bike.

    11. ramona wheelright 46 months ago | reply

      teddy bear feature is very cool.

    12. ramona wheelright 46 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called nice bicycle, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    13. dickdavid 46 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Suburban Assault, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. edebruyn 46 months ago | reply

      See, I always wondered about the casualties from biking, and in particular, head injuries.

      I'm the father in the pic, by the way ;-)

      Jimmy up front. He sat on the rack in taylor fashion (one of the first words he learned in Dutch "kleermakerszit"... try to pronounce it if you're non-Dutch) before I had Henry put on the middle-bar-seat. Before that, he was the first person to grow out of my chest ;-) @ GIF!
      But Jimmy was never carried on the most excellent Fr8. He was already too big. The li'l buddy on my chest is Valentijn, my second son.

      some rebuttals/comments on some of the previous posts:

      safety... well, I feel safe. I drive safely, watch out for sudden moves by anybody in traffic. I anticipate as much as possible. I'm a very alert biker, which should hardly be surprising considering I'm carrying my babies with me on my bike. I would never subject them to unnecessary risks.

      Trust me, biking in Holland is NOT an unnecessary risk.

      Sure, a total drunken idiot can crash into me. But I don't think the biking would make this less rare than if I were a pedestrian. Know what I mean? I run just as much risk being a pedestrian as being a cyclist in Amsterdam. Now, should I therefore also not walk?

      I bet more kids drown in Amsterdam than are being killed on their bikes... (borrowing your simile there, Henry) yet do we wear lifesaving jackets?

      Dutch people simply see biking as a necessary and acceptable risk.

      .Plus, it's my only method of transport. I live 10 minutes biking away from work... I live in the greatest city on earth... Amsterdam... How could I not ride a bike? Amsterdam is so bike-friendly. And I've got a Fr8, a damn fine ride, I must say, and I've always had these big 1940's and '50's "transportbikes"... heavy as hell, but one helluva workout!

      About my bike: the Fr8 from Henry Cutler (no, I'm not being paid to type this). Custom galvanized, of which only two exist. It's the smoothest ride I've ever had... Sturdy, yet very manageable; the rack is amazing: you've always got a comfy-chair with you... fits tonnes of shopping, kids, whatever.
      Three-speed. customized to increase the pedaling weight: my first speed feels like second, my second like third and so on. I don't need a very light first speed... but I love a heavy 3d when I'm going fast... which I do all the time (when I'm alone or on a long stretch).
      Another customization is the handle bars. I totally love the wide 'transport bike' handle bars on... a transport fr8!

      The teddy bear... this pic was taken on a Monday. Jimmy stays at his grandma each Monday (has done since he's 2 months old) and he takes an afternoon nap. This is his nap-bear, and I'm taking them home after we all had a scrumptious meal at my mom-in-law. Anyway, bear goes under the belt with which I used to tie Jimmy when he used to sit on the rack-platform. An old dress-belt, but very very sturdy thick heavy leather. Just in case I had to emergency break. Wouldn't want him flying off, do you?


    15. ramona wheelright 46 months ago | reply

      non dutch pronunciation:

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