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Taking my PADI inspiration today from Grac's picture, here's the teetering pile of books next to my bed, the titles of which seem to describe my interests pretty comprehensively. Looking at this in isolation from the rest of my bedroom is weird.

Top book recommendation from this lot - the one on the top right: "On food and cooking" by Harold McGee.

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  1. hilltowngal ages ago | reply

    All these piles of books look familiar to me. Up until a couple of days ago I had stacks, until I went through and re-arranged them, and sorted out a bunch to give away. (Even though I really hate to give any away.)

  2. grakki ages ago | reply

    The same.
    But different.
    I love book, and could sit and start reading any number of these!

  3. freshclaws ages ago | reply

    I read about the author of Flashman the other day - are they a good read?

    love other people's piles of books!

  4. kang amir 42 months ago | reply

    good picture.. Are you looking for place to free download Books ?.. try it.

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