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Blasting off Jagel´s main runway is 43+48. This one is a regular "One-Stick" bomber IDS model - Interdiction Strike - Tornado. In fact the 22nd IDS model build under the Luftwaffe contract and delivered Mar. 9th 1982!!


This old lady has been brought up to Batch 5 standards - regular production of Batch 5 Tornadoes for the Luftwaffe started with aircraft 44+90 - and has also received the Tornado MLU. Note the Litening pod on the outer right centerline rack.


The yellow roundel on the intake indicated that this Tornado deployed as part of the "Einsatsgeschwarder Mazar-e-Sharif" / Air Task Squadron in Afghanistan during 2007.


She has spend all her time at Jagel air base first with MFG-1 / Marinefliger Geschwarder 1 - Naval Air Wing 1 - that initially operated out of Jagel, but was transferred to the Luftwaffe and the newly re-formed Aufklärungs Geschwarder 51 that stood up at Jagel on Jan. 1st 1994 after the decomissioning of MFG-1, the retirement of the RF-4E Phantoms and thereby the transfer of the tactical recce missions to the Tornado force after the end of the Cold War.


Note the C-160 Transalls in the background. Ten were present from LTG-63 / Luft Transport Geschwarder / Air Transport Wing 63 from nearby Hohn air base due to runway repairs at their home base - some nice "extras" during our visit.

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Taken on July 10, 2009