pregnant belly henna tree

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    1. mooseonthemove 90 months ago | reply

      Wow! That is pretty damn cool. I hope that doesn't sink through to bubbies skin :) He/She'd be a pretty trendy looking baby when they arrived ;)

    2. quantum bunny 89 months ago | reply

      truly amazing!!

    3. Riffat 89 months ago | reply

      I loved this design so much that I did a version of it on my friend Lucy but having just seen your's again makes me realise I have a lot to learn when it comes to pregnant belly's

    4. treym111 86 months ago | reply

      so beautiful, that's all i can say!

    5. Justin Woodall 85 months ago | reply

      I'm so inspired by your work! This design is magnificant! Great job.

    6. norah30 83 months ago | reply

      Beautiful!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

    7. Melissa E Earle [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      I am hoping you are going to be checking your flickr mail, I just found this image....
      -Melissa E Earle

    8. Filipa Camacho 78 months ago | reply

      oh its beautifuL !

    9. divine eye 78 months ago | reply

      i love this one!

    10. rochemoutonee 74 months ago | reply

      This design is beautiful. I just did a pregnant mom who found this on your flicker page and asked me to do one like it, but with an "om" in the center. I don't think I did it justice, but she loves it. It really is a great design, and your execution is flawless. Thanks so much for sharing this photo.

    11. By_Design 74 months ago | reply

      I am showing a client this design. I just love it and peacocks are always a fave of mine! Your talent never ceases to amaze and INSPIRE me!

    12. VeganFaery 72 months ago | reply

      What A Beautiful Design!

    13. Exey Panteleev 70 months ago | reply

      amazing contrast and curves

    14. kcfang 67 months ago | reply

      Love the meaning behind the image.

    15. Shojo-Chan 61 months ago | reply

      Wow! That's cool!

    16. wiked_one 53 months ago | reply

      sooooooo awesome!!!

    17. thespottedbelly 53 months ago | reply

      Holy moly... that'd be an awesome tatt (maybe somewhere else, and a wee bit smaller!)

    18. .[indianSummer]. 47 months ago | reply

      wow this is really beautiful

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