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    Joop passed away this morning. His job is done.
    The cancer was spreading, there was no hope left.
    In our hearts he is alive for always and forever.

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    1. jhenderson ages ago | reply

      Ah so sorry to hear this...
      RIP Joop....

    2. iam4ranny ages ago | reply

      The tears will fall and our heart aches to touch those who cannot be physically near .Joop waits patiently for his family to join him someday. We all seek that eternal space next to our love ones. I wish you the peace of knowing you gave love to it's fullest to Joop. There is no greater gift.

    3. Gadisa [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Ooo jee ... ik schrik me rot ...

      Ik wens jullie veel sterkte, wat zal het stil zijn in huis ...

      Ik heb zo vaak moeten lachen om Joop en vond het geweldig om zijn avonturen op en later hier op flickr te volgen ... och wat vind ik dit erg ...

      Nogmaals heel veel sterkte, ik heb er verder geen woorden voor ...

      Gadisa [het bazinnetje van Belle]

    4. curvetheory ages ago | reply

      Sad, indeed. A pain I hope you don't know for long. Farewell, sweet Joop.

    5. a.long ages ago | reply

      Ohh Joop. I'm so sorry Henk.

    6. avtarkaul ages ago | reply

      Amazing abituaries.! May God bestow peace on his soul.

    7. Ingrid! ages ago | reply

      Look how Joop has touched the world! I'm very sorry.


    8. Just_Jane ages ago | reply

      what a passing photo. Joop underway to heaven... you could not place a better one. Have a good trip Joop. take care en I am so glad you are now free of suffering. Let it be a comfort for you and your family, Henk


    9. Room With A View ages ago | reply

      Oh, dear... I did not know. I'm sitting here getting tears on my computer saying goodbye to Joop. I will never never forget Joop. To me he carried all that is dignified and happy about being a dog. And carried with magnificently - and, Henk you caught him and his spirit so perfectly in your photos. I will miss him even as I know he is free and surounded by doggie angels.

    10. myla kent ages ago | reply

      I'm so sorry for your loss.

    11. corriehoogen ages ago | reply

      Ach, wat verdrietig. Ben net terug van een weekje vakantie en wist natuurlijk dat Joop in zijn laatste dagen was. Mooi dat je die vakantiefoto's bleef uploaden. Een waardig einde voor die prachtige fiere Joop en zo blijven we hem natuurlijk herinneren.
      Ik hoop dat jullie zelf ook troost vinden in je herinneringen. Het hakt er natuurlijk erg in, zo'n maatje te moeten missen, elke minuut van de dag. Heel veel sterkte.
      Liefs, Corrie.

    12. Tibor and Friends ages ago | reply

      I'm relativley new to flickr but it feels as if I knew Joop for a long time and I'm grateful for your fotos...
      I'm sad and I will miss Joop!

    13. kejordan ages ago | reply

      wonderful post.

    14. The Norwegian ages ago | reply

      i am sure you made Joops life worth living... beautiful dog!

    15. pickup_stix ages ago | reply

      I'm sorry to hear that, but I'd like to let you know that that photo put a big smile on my face, at least. I bet there are plenty of bones and cats to chase where Joop is now.

    16. hasfurrychildren ages ago | reply

      i'm so sorry for your loss of your little furry friend/baby. your picture up there brought tears to my eyes, because i've been in this same place several times. i know how very much it hurts.

      cling tightly to your photos & memories & may they bring you many smiles after the tears have washed away some of your pain.

      [[[[[[ big hugs ]]]]]]

    17. Dew Drop 116 months ago | reply

      What a eulogy!
      I'm sure he rests in peace above and in your heart :)

    18. Buikschuivers 116 months ago | reply

      I am sorry for your loss...

    19. tomswift46 ( Hi Res Images for Sale) 78 months ago | reply

      I'm so sorry to hear and see this...R.I.P. Joop...
      I've been thru this with Sky(at age 9) and now Melys is 8 and I know...

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