Clockwork Visits

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    Steven's Clockwork scarf is visiting us and whew, it survived the ice storm last night!

    It's knit in Bugga, which is very nice. YUM.

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    1. KarenP 52 months ago | reply

      Mr Hello Yarn is one stylin' dude! Love the iced-up pine tree in the background.

    2. chiligirlll 52 months ago | reply

      Adrian, this is hands down a gorgeous winter portrait.

    3. m_soto 52 months ago | reply

      I agree.

      The light in this shot is perfection. Beautiful portrait!

    4. helloyarn 52 months ago | reply

      Thank you!!

      I almost like the snow because it makes the light so lovely, even inside the house.

    5. bitches get stitches 52 months ago | reply

      thanks boo!
      it looks great on him!

    6. Yarny Old Kim 52 months ago | reply

      Excellent hat! Wow the ice on that tree is freaking me out!

    7. helloyarn 52 months ago | reply

      Last night and today were a little scary. Trees fell, hunks of ice fell, then it got warm around noon and the snow all came off the roof at once. I'm just glad the house is still standing!

    8. Yarny Old Kim 52 months ago | reply

      Scary! Ice is a menace. We had a couple huge trees taken down last fall & I am glad now because it turned out one was very diseased & it definitely would've come down on the house eventually.

    9. SarahIvy 52 months ago | reply

      So so lovely!

      Ugh. When the snow and ice comes off the roof in one giant WHOOOMP it's totally scary. I forget, do you have a metal roof? Our combo of metal roof + second story chimney (warming everything at the top) makes for serious drama.

    10. colorandtexture 52 months ago | reply

      We're in the midst of a major snow storm too -- I think 11" is over kill!
      The scarf is fabo and I LUV that hat!!!!!!

      Stay warm & dry!!

    11. helloyarn 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks, everyone. That hat is his super duper favorite and it's made from scraps! Good scraps, but still.

      Ours is slate, but the barn has a metal roof and they behave the same way- slippery! We don't have anything heating the roof- it's so well insulated- and the snow stays on a long time, then WHOMP. Everyone has slate roofs here and you can hear the snow sliding off all the houses.

      We already had 18 or so inches before this 10"! It just keeps snowing and snowing.

    12. colorandtexture 52 months ago | reply

      Oh, that almost makes me faint!! So much snow!! How does wee little Pippa do in all that? Does she jump in the middle of it or does she stand in the doorway looking out saying, " no way jose"??

    13. helloyarn 52 months ago | reply

      The first morning, when we went to bed without a flake in the sky and woke up to about 10 inches, she ran out onto the porch and froze. I had to show her how she could jump off the porch and under a bush where there wasn't so much snow. She is fine barging through it up to a point, but we have far too much now.

      Mark does shovel paths for her. She's in one in this photo. We had sleet the other night and then some thawing and melting and refreezing yesterday, so she can walk on top of the snow, now, finally.

    14. colorandtexture 52 months ago | reply

      I just went and looked at Miss Pippa peeking out of that mountain of snow!!! OMG, she's a brave little girl. Sam is totally intimidated by all the snow, but Louis just plows through it, even though it's taller than him. ;-)

    15. meegiemoo 52 months ago | reply

      Such fabulous knitwear!

    16. craftivore 52 months ago | reply

      The hat, the scarf, amazeball, but why is no one talking about the sweater?! I seriously love it. What are those creatures in the front?

    17. BerlinsWhimsy 52 months ago | reply

      Wow, there are some great examples of knitwear here! I've had Clockwork on my list for sometime...

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