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    i cant seem to develop my negatives properly ... i don't know what it is, they always come out muddy and it's starting to seriously deter me from this shit. if only i had more time, but school is such a bitch.

    i know my exposure is okay, c41 rolls always come out fine. so that means its either scanning or developing...but my c41 scans come out just fine without major editing

    can hard water cause this? or are my times wrong? this was 22C, 9 minutes, good agitation :(

    oh, and look at the left side of the tree, what the hell is that weird shadow? it's not the only time it has happened to me either.

    scanned "shiny side up" in coolscan iv

    1. a5hwin 77 months ago | reply

      it might be the hard water. Have you tested the water for mineral contents? Perhaps you can try distilling the water and then using it?

      I develop trix In xtol 1:3 for 11~12 mins @ 20degC, so the timing sounds about right.

    2. Kip Keston 77 months ago | reply

      You know I had another thought. Maybe you're not fixing properly? It looks a bit milky and that can be a result of bad fixing.

      How do you fix? Is your fix still good?

      Otherwise, I would try distilled water, it's cheap and you get get it everywhere.

    3. helloyama 77 months ago | reply

      I think the fix is fine, but even if it wasnt, i still dont think it would fix the tones problem. i'll try distilled water, but I think it might be a wise investment to get some kind of refrigerator or something to keep my temperatures constant. siiigh.

    4. Kip Keston 77 months ago | reply

      You could also try handing a roll over to a lab and see what they do with your b/w.

    5. notraces [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      two things:

      Go VERY gentle with agitation. Agitate the first 30 seconds and then for 5 seconds every 30 seconds. I usually invert just twice every 30 second.

      When fixing, agitate the first minute, then, for 10 seconds every minute. Same easy agitation. Be sure fixer is mixed properly and fresh.

      How do you wash your negs?

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