Adobe Flash Player installer error

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    1. Daniel Larsen 58 months ago | reply

      Do they really mean close? Or do they mean quit?

    2. nmrk 58 months ago | reply

      Yep, I got that too, it requested a close of one unknown process. And Adobe said this was fixed after the last installer.

    3. Civilized Explorer 58 months ago | reply

      This is incredibly dumb and arcane. From the design of the window, I'm assuming it's on a Mac, so the concept of processes applies to the unix-like OS underlying the GUI. But you don't 'close' processes, you kill or terminate or end them. And although they are processes, what the user needs to know is the _application_, not the process identification number, which is meaningless to virtually all OS X users.

      I assume the programmers at Adobe can get a PID, but they can't get the name of the running application.

      Now let's look at the user interface here. Please close the following applications, it says. What happens if I click the quit box at the bottom of the window? Does it close them all? Or only the highlighted one? Or what if I click force close all? And under what circumstances would I need to retry? If I click quit, without clicking anywhere else, what happens? Does the highlighted process quit? Or does the installer quit? Just where below do I click to close the applications?

      Finally, why do I need to close running applications to install the flash player?

    4. Hellbox 58 months ago | reply

      Some context: The two programs were Safari and Chrome. It showed them correctly at first. I closed them manually, returned to the installer and this is what I saw.

    5. calzo 58 months ago | reply

      just awful

    6. Skeptical Steve 58 months ago | reply

      When I ran the damn thing I, like you, had both Safari and Chrome running. But the Flash Player installer only noticed Safari. Everything installed okay even with Chrome still running.

      I hate these ugly-looking Adobe UI elements -- even if they were an improvement over regular OSX UI (which they're not) I'd still hate them for introducing inconsistency. They look like quick kludges whipped up in Hypercard(showing my age there); I suspect they're actually quick kludges whipped up in Air.

      Why Adobe should want to associate itself with a look and feel that screams "amateurish crap" is difficult to fathom.

    7. mistergecko 58 months ago | reply

      So much whining. Is it really that big of a deal that Adobe wraps it's installers? Really?

    8. Moeskido 58 months ago | reply

      Is it really that big of a deal that Adobe's trying to rebrand an operating system it develops for, while it creates unnecessary confusion for the user?

      Yeah, it kind of is, mistergecko.

    9. robertdenton 58 months ago | reply

      From 2008 ... They still think your browsers need to be closed.

    10. Ben Jamieson Photography 58 months ago | reply

      For those that hate the installer, if you do a "Show Package Contents" on the installer, you'll actually find a standard OS X installer package in there. Yes, a proper, nice, clean, well behaved installer.

      Which Adobe decided to create a wrapper for with a hideous installer UI and ridiculous "Close your browser" rule.

      A definite "WTF" right there.

    11. shigzeo 58 months ago | reply

      Worse than that, about half the time Flash 10.1 uses more memory than Safari does... wrapped or not, I hate this plug-in.

    12. RevrendMaynard 58 months ago | reply

      Adobe has lost it's collective mind. So. Un. Mac. Like. I think they are intentionally trying to destroy the mac experience.

    13. brian hefele 58 months ago | reply

      Sort of makes sense if Adobe thinks designers are buying Macs just to use their software… If Adobe software is running alongside as much, or less native software, then it's like you're in two environments. If you spend more time in the Adobe environment, you'll start to get used to it. And then it becomes you vs them - I like my Adobe environment, screw Apple!

      Thing is, if that really is their evil plan, they should probably concentrate on fixing the stability, ugliness, predictability issues of their environment.

      Or they could, I don't know, just concede and use native widgets like anyone with a shred of respect for their customer does.

    14. brianjmatis 58 months ago | reply

      Oh no, not Process 525!!

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