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BEST SUSHI IN SEOUL: Sushi Hyo located in the Gangnam district, Seocho Gu area near Seocho Garden Suite (located on the 2nd flr)

This place has the best sushi I've ever eaten. My favorite was the seared fatty tuna. We sat at the sushi bar and ate over 10 pieces of sushi. We also had tempura, soup, udon noodles and a bunch of other things, plus dessert. We were stuffed afterwards. It was a very nice experience. The price was a lot more than we usually pay for sushi, but it's worth it.


(UPDATE: August 25th 2008...after going to Japan and having a hard time finding good sushi...I realized that I've got to go back here a few more when my cousin comes in September I'm going to take her to Sushi Hyo! I can't wait to get some photos! of the food! The price is SO worth it! I saw some photos of a place in Beverly Hills that charges up to 500 per person...and honestly the fish didn't look as good as the fish we had at Sushi Hyo. If you don't believe me go and try the sushi...or come back for photos! before the end of the year. BTW, the sushi in Japan is SO over priced. You would think that it'll be cheaper or as cheap but it's not). (photo was taken on Dec. 1st 2007 so I think I ate there around that time)


Looks like their telephone number is in the photo: (02) 521-3593


If you ate here let me know what you think. =)


Directions to Sushi Hyo.


Take the Green Line to Gangnam Station. Take exit 3. Go straight, turn right at the corner when you see the huge Dunkin Donuts. Go for 1 and a half blocks or 2 blocks and you'll see the building and sign. It's on your LEFT. Below the restaurant is a cafe. This building is across from the Samsung Cooperate Building (headquarters).


p.s lunch is over at 2pm...and I think dinner starts at 4pm...but I"m not 100% sure. I forgot to look. =( BUT I am sure they stop serving lunch at 2pm...and they are closed on Sundays.


For more photos, be sure to look at my Sushi Hyo can click the link on the right or click here:

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Taken on December 1, 2007