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365 #293 - 27 - May -2008


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photo inspired by todays podcast (loved mav's mom she's so cool), this is kinda my 365 story...

well it all started with this sketchbook right here: i like to draw, in fact there was a time in my life where i would draw all the time.. anyway once i see something cool, either from a movie poster, movie scene, drawing, photo... anything that really sticks to my attention i kinda draw it here. so ever since i joined flickr i started getting lots of little drawings and ideas for photos, but i never was a photographer, i just loved shooting my camera at random stuff and mostly landscapes until i came across a little thing called the 365 group where many people there got me inspired..

and i though WOW these guys are so cool, i have to be part of this and i have lots of ideas i could use.. i might just even learn stuff about photography and i can use the best model i have: me. so i joined 365 and i admit that when i joined i never believed i would reach this far (day 293 yay) and that i would even get a little fan base (thanks stephen and mav for mentioning me on the podcast latelly - you really make my day)...

so anyway this is my secret weapon: my sketchbook. when i run out of ideas i look for a sketch or a drawing. i have some special days already planned out and drawn and sometimes i sketch things that are wayy above my skill level... but hey its all part of the fun..

so here's part of my 365 story :-)


*one thing: the two side faces aren't drawings, its a photoshop effect.. its a sketchbook so most stuff in there is just sketched.. but you can see some of my finished drawings here.


*see it larger.

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