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365 #293 - 27 - May -2008

mood: kinda bored
music: supernatural superserious - r.e.m.

photo inspired by todays podcast (loved mav's mom she's so cool), this is kinda my 365 story...
well it all started with this sketchbook right here: i like to draw, in fact there was a time in my life where i would draw all the time.. anyway once i see something cool, either from a movie poster, movie scene, drawing, photo... anything that really sticks to my attention i kinda draw it here. so ever since i joined flickr i started getting lots of little drawings and ideas for photos, but i never was a photographer, i just loved shooting my camera at random stuff and mostly landscapes until i came across a little thing called the 365 group where many people there got me inspired..
and i though WOW these guys are so cool, i have to be part of this and i have lots of ideas i could use.. i might just even learn stuff about photography and i can use the best model i have: me. so i joined 365 and i admit that when i joined i never believed i would reach this far (day 293 yay) and that i would even get a little fan base (thanks stephen and mav for mentioning me on the podcast latelly - you really make my day)...
so anyway this is my secret weapon: my sketchbook. when i run out of ideas i look for a sketch or a drawing. i have some special days already planned out and drawn and sometimes i sketch things that are wayy above my skill level... but hey its all part of the fun..
so here's part of my 365 story :-)

*one thing: the two side faces aren't drawings, its a photoshop effect.. its a sketchbook so most stuff in there is just sketched.. but you can see some of my finished drawings here.

*see it larger.

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  1. ☼ Helder 82 months ago | reply

    :-) thanks. i've put a link to a larger size.
    thanks nicky. and yes you should definitely go back to your art... i heard some oil paints are still waiting for you... :-)
    :-) thanks

  2. Ernie E - INACTIVE 82 months ago | reply

    Pretty awesome, especially where both your hands are. That sketchbook can give you a visual idea for your pics which is an advantage in its own right.

    Seen in a discussion of 365 Days. (?)

  3. v1nz` 82 months ago | reply

    You're soo talented! :)
    Great illustrations!

  4. the brownhorse 82 months ago | reply

    very very cool, your so talented, and i've always wanted a sketch book but i can;t draw, despite having a degree in fine art

  5. sadandbeautiful (Sarah) 82 months ago | reply

    Your drawings are incredible. Amazing talent!

  6. ansy 82 months ago | reply

    wow helder! You can really draw!! I like it alot! Especially the two helder faces your fingers are pinching! Very nice!

  7. MAsTa_VoLtroN 82 months ago | reply

    crazy!! I like that shadowing on the faces...what type of pencils do you use for that (i've tried that with .7 lead pencil but came out all shitty:))

  8. There's A Kite! 82 months ago | reply

    Amazing skills!

  9. Jen's Art & Soul 81 months ago | reply

    Awesome stuff!! Love it...

  10. Reed à son Pellier 80 months ago | reply

    and you mothe******* also draw! god!

  11. AnnaNakami 78 months ago | reply

    creative *-*

  12. Mzeque 74 months ago | reply

    so original :)

  13. Ninjerina 74 months ago | reply

    I gotta say I would have been in wonderous awe had you drawn in those two side portraits, but its still a splendid and believable effect and quite clever in concept. I would be curious to know your filter/method for doing it.

  14. sapisapi 70 months ago | reply


  15. medieval fish 65 months ago | reply

    I love this so much!! The faces ahhh! So great!

  16. azrasta 60 months ago | reply

    that's very neat. Great idea and execution

  17. anaguann 59 months ago | reply

    this is brilliant!

  18. memoryfiend 51 months ago | reply

    haha! love the two faces very clever.

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