• excellent negative space..
    da who ang uuwe?! - buntso [clifford] (wanders)
  • I like this royal blue color! =) - GioPhotos
  • panalong blue :D - Botsok
  • Tehehehe, 'tis purple but I adjusted the levels to make it balooo
  • simplicityyy <3 - alle dicu
  • love this simple - dannykwong
  • I agree. The simplicity of this and the big negative space rocks. :] - AIAK!
  • AMAZING shot. I could eat this for breakfast every day. Instafave! - dogsy
  • booboobalooo ! - dogsy
  • Love the minimalistic qualities and the sharply contasting blue of the paper plane. - Tony2 [Please use my new account]
  • i love minimal shots! - dudu ▲
  • I love this blue! - sashka.
  • love love the white wall against the plane =) - vwynx
  • simple
    this is all. - paperingasmile
  • this colour is so cool. - tears of sunshine
  • I really like all this simplicity.
    sosososo much. - caiti borruso
  • I really like the use of negative space :) And the bright blue really adds to the photo ^__^ - psstminnie

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