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172/365 - I'm Apparently The Poster Girl for Internet Narcissism | by Helga Weber
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172/365 - I'm Apparently The Poster Girl for Internet Narcissism

First was that feature on where I was called the modern day Narcissus. And then a feature on some Spanish blog, titled "It is enamored with itself". Seventy four comments, most of which are negative.


I thought of writing an entry about it on my blog but decided to just do it here on Flickr instead. It seems that my stream has gotten popular online and I've been around on the internet long enough to know that people will always judge and have misconceptions about you. I've long learned to not take personally criticisms or words that otherwise wouldn't have been said about me if these people actually knew me.


A handful of people seem to think that I have a lot of free time (aka nothing better to do?) to be able to do what I do (daily self-portraits). Here's how it is: it takes about 15-30 minutes to take my shots (weekdays, I do it before leaving for work. Weekends--- when I have more time--- whenever I feel like it). Editing takes an hour or so, sometimes less, as I have a saved PSD file with all my adjustment layers that I simply drag to the new pictures.


That's about two hours of my day, max. This is a hobby, something I like doing and do mainly for my boyfriend who is 7 thousand miles away. There are people who spend more than two hours on their chosen hobbies. Would you say they have a lot of free time?


Some of the comments say that I have low self-esteem (um, I don't think so?), that I am self-centered and too enamored with myself (would you rather the opposite, a girl who has a bunch of issues and constantly nitpicks herself?), that I am ugly (LOL ok), and that I have no imagination because with all the possible subjects to take photos of, I choose to just shoot myself (I am my best subject, self-portraiture is what I find most interesting...and quite frankly, I don't have the time and luxury to go around the city and take photos of things and people).


I hope I don't sound defensive here, I just thought it'd be best to put down my thoughts on this. I find nothing wrong with self-portraits and narcissism and it bugs me that these people make it out as a bad thing. When my camwhoring starts harming and hurting people (highly impossible, yo), then perhaps I'd understand their point.


Now excuse me while I go visit your streams, I'm probably 50 pages behind.



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Taken on June 21, 2009