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Hey. A ...more vibrant picture from this morning. I'm off to get coffee and cake!

Explored, thanks! <3
#291, March 4

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  1. dmxdragon2 73 months ago | reply

    now this is a very nice picture

  2. prestonrittenhouse 73 months ago | reply

    Yes, this should be titled "Helga Lips". Delightful!

  3. GioPhotos 73 months ago | reply

    would you look at those puffy lips!? Really nice colors and SP. Enjoy your coffee. I know I'm enjoying mine.

  4. L S G 73 months ago | reply

    beautiful SP! and nice tones!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  5. Bunny Teef 73 months ago | reply

    Those lips could stop traffic.

  6. dudu ▲ 73 months ago | reply

    Coffe is not good Helga...and like others..i repeat...NICE LIPS:>

  7. [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    ♥ ♥
              ♥ ♥Pode ser virtual,
         ♥ ♥pode ser pessoal...
              ♥ ♥Não importa!!!
      ♥ ♥O carinho de amigo
              ♥ ♥é sempre real...
       ♥ ♥Não importa
              ♥ ♥se nunca nos vimos
        ♥ ♥frente a frente,
              ♥ ♥mas somos leais
     ♥ ♥e coerentes...
          ♥ ♥Somos amigos pra sempre.
             ♥ ♥O carinho de uma amizade
          ♥ ♥não tem distância...
              ♥ ♥ela vem por linhas,
    ♥ ♥vem através da nossa telinha
         ♥ ♥e pelos olhos
              ♥ ♥de quem tem
       ♥ ♥a felicidade de enxergar...
              ♥ ♥Amizade Verdadeira existe sim.
    ♥ ♥Basta a gente acreditar e fazer acontecer!!!

  8. Humberto Caballero 2003 73 months ago | reply

    Helga, sensual y bella, de labios hermosos y provocadores.

    Felicidades!!!!! Bonita foto.

  9. Leilu Dallas 73 months ago | reply

    yay for coffee and cake!!! this is so lovely helga!

  10. JOANmichel [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    your pretty.

  11. Helga Weber 73 months ago | reply

    Thank you, everyone ♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Kath [is not here right now] 73 months ago | reply

    helga weber looks fantastic from that close! i can imagine someone very happy seeing you from that close for often :)

    Seen on a rss aggregator. (?)

  13. ilovestrawberries (Carmi) 73 months ago | reply

    gorgeous pouty lips :D

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  14. gia_365days 73 months ago | reply

    so wonderful! gorgeous shot!

  15. fotocandida 73 months ago | reply

    Beautiful portrait!

  16. spongegen 73 months ago | reply

    i love the pout! :D

  17. seguimos under 72 months ago | reply

    u are a mix between the Asia elegance and the sud American fresh beauty


  18. SabaPhotography 69 months ago | reply

    i really like your eyes in this one.

  19. MakeupSexxCosmetics 27 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much for having this photo available via Creative Commons. I used this photo on our Makeup Sexx beauty blog. STUNNING photo! Thank you!

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