Gary Duval
Gary Duval had been woodturning for the past 25 years. He first started woodturning by working with architect Joe Campeau. Gary describes his work as one-of-a-kind, using exotic and domestic woods including walnut, red oak, maple, padauk, cocobolo and blood wood. Although most of his ornaments are round, some are pear shaped or have their own unique shape. All of Gary’s ornaments are turned on a lathe and some feature inlays of brass and turquoise. Gary’s works can be found in private collections as well as the Moose Horn Gallery in Emigrant, Montana and Planet Bronze in Bozeman, Montana. Gary also turns kaleidoscopes, pepper mills and marble games. Gary has been a resident of Helena for the past 43 years and grew up in Flaxville, Montana.

He can be reached at (406) 442-4957.
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