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summer solstice

In Explore, #1 on Sunday, August 3, 2008





1584 images, captured with my Canon 5D

Assembled in into a .mov with Quicktime Pro, and blended the frames in FinalCut.


Over the duration of this entire capture, the aperture is fixed and the sensor is exposed progressively longer. The first frame was captured at 1/500th of a sec -- and the last exposure was a full 8 seconds (!!). The technical 'goal' of this project was to capture this enormous dynamic range - and to blend through it seamlessly. The most challenging sequence is from :40 to :55, where the exposure rate of change is extremely steep - and the amount of incoming light drops like a rock.


From a signal processing point of view, it is a challenging dataset.


The entire thing must be tonemaped into a very small range (problem #1) *and* to be perceptually smooth without loosing perceptual detail (problem #2)


View is of False Creek in Yaletown

Vancouver, BC


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Taken on April 9, 2008