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...and then just walked away

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Found this one Sunday afternoon when Rikke and I were out for a walk in the first meager beginnings of summer. Looked pretty fucked up.

The footprints pass the street, walk down and around the corner where they slowly dissipate.

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  1. roland 85 months ago | reply

    very cool 'caught the moment' shot

  2. h@rsh 85 months ago | reply

    Ah... good capture

  3. Jam Adams [deleted] 85 months ago | reply


  4. Jonathan Biddle 85 months ago | reply

    did you do it?!

  5. Michael Heilemann 85 months ago | reply

    No, of course not. That would be a little stupid of me, first to do it and then to take a photo of it... But then, maybe that's just my get-out-of-jail-for-free card :D

  6. StuRap 85 months ago | reply

    Great find :)

  7. sashamd 85 months ago | reply

    Nice! Reminds me a bit of this:

    Dior Dior

  8. sadalit 85 months ago | reply

    read about this on kottke.org - great capture!

  9. lucianvenutian 85 months ago | reply

    There's something cool and measured about his stride as he walks away. He's not running. It's not even clear from this picture whether he turned around to admire his handiwork.

  10. Jrome 85 months ago | reply

    Kottke rocks. Nice find all around.

  11. Witold Riedel 85 months ago | reply

    are you sure the footprints did not end up under your shoes?
    the photo looks a bit like that. oh, and imagine if this were a promo stunt... and...
    ; )

  12. soopadoubled 85 months ago | reply

    Ha, classic! wonder if they caught the person responsible before the paint on his feet wore off?

  13. Alienovski 85 months ago | reply

    He'll be back.

  14. Barack Obama is my homeboy 85 months ago | reply

    What's it say? Rock crew?

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