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    I was bored so i did a little photoshop tutorial for a No-Smoking sign.
    It would also work for a No-Spam icon.
    i just did the No-Spam Version.
    free to use under creative commons.
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    Yay!! My first image in EXPLORE!!

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    1. hegarty_david 75 months ago | reply

      @ gator - i did try warping and liquify on the cigarette but it just looked like rubber to me. i could have composited in a crack but i wanted to keep it simple.

    2. hegarty_david 75 months ago | reply

      i just realised that the natural shading on the cigarette has the light coming from the wrong direction. i tried fixing it but i actually liked this version better. it makes the cigarette stand out more from the surroundings because of the higher edge contrast.

    3. ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ 75 months ago | reply

      This is so Kool! I really appreciate the included tutorials. What I like most about it is how you do make it look 3 dimensional. The warping effect can do some wonderful things but yes there are limitation as to its use and perhaps your intentions weren't based upon an entirely realistic representation. After all the circle and logo aren't 3 dimensional at all.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    4. hegarty_david 75 months ago | reply

      I did a No-Spam version.
      No-Spam logo
      The can isn't a good shape but i managed to squeeze it in.

    5. NowPublic 75 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your photo!This photograph appears in a NowPublic news story: Licensed to Smoke? England Ponders Having All Smokers Sign Up.

    6. ● Princess MIA ● 68 months ago | reply

      hey yea,,
      if u dont mind, i've used ur pic at ma blog , would luv to have ur click ( ),,
      nice job =)

    7. hegarty_david 68 months ago | reply

      @ princess MIA thanks for the credit.

    8. xgravity23 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the great image (and tutorial!). I just used it in a blog post, and I provided a link at the bottom of the post. Just wanted to let you know. Let me know if you prefer the attribution to appear differently. I'll change it however you want.


    9. hegarty_david 66 months ago | reply

      @ xgravity23 good luck with keeping off those cigarettes.
      Thanks for the link back here.

    10. BASF - The Chemical Company 65 months ago | reply

      great image. i also use it in my blog post and provided the link at the bottom of the post. hope it's ok with u.

    11. hegarty_david 65 months ago | reply

      @ basfin - Thanks for the link back to here.

    12. mikebaird 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called morrobay-smoking, and I'd like to have this added to the group as the very first image! I have taken the liberty to use this image as the pool's logo. I was able to give Creative Commons attribution at the group's description page, as follows: (hope this is all okay) -
      About morrobay-smoking

      Morro Bay Smoking - a Flickr Pool ( . Smoking is seen by many as a wonderful social interaction mechanism, a treat, a stress relief, one of life's sensual and tactile and even somatosensory pleasures. Others see smoking as the free-market system's greatest evil and infliction on the health and well-being of billions of mankind, an addiction, dangerous, and lethal, to not only the smoker, but to all of those around them. Some see smoking parents as outright child abusers. Regardless of your point-of-view, you are invited to contribute to this little bit of photojournalism - Smoking around Morro Bay, CA is the subject of this pool. The ideal submission will be geo-tagged and placed on your Flickr map, and Creative Commons licensed for unlimited use with attribution. Photos may be of people smoking or being effected by smoke and smokers, cigarette butts, trash, cigars, wrinkled faces, stained hands, anytime that has something to convey about smoking and related to the local Morro Bay and surrounding areas. You are encouraged to add a meaningful description and tags to your images. Mike Baird mike [at} mikebaird d o t com

      Logo for this group courtesy of David Hegarty via a Creative Commons license

      Found in a search. (?)

    13. hegarty_david 64 months ago | reply

      @ mikebaird - feel free to use the image anywhere you want. I hate smoking too.

    14. mikebaird 64 months ago | reply

      hegarty_david Many thanks David! re:"@ mikebaird - feel free to use the image anywhere you want. I hate smoking too."

      Seen in morrobay-smoking (?)

    15. hegarty_david 60 months ago | reply

      This image seems to be in high demand. I did a google search for "No Smoking Logo" and it was three of the first 4 entries.

      no smoke

    16. Val Bonney 45 months ago | reply

      This photo was exactly what I was looking for, for a Squidoo lens I was building. Thank you so much for allowing it to be shared. I have credited you and linked it to this page. Here is the link if you would like to see how your work looks on my lens!

      Val Bonney

    17. hegarty_david 45 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the link back

    18. jinxxxi 18 months ago | reply

      I'll be using this for the University of North Texas banner as I remind students, faculty and staff that we're going smoke free as of January 1, 2013. With attribution, of course. Be happy!

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