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The Bringer of War. Or just an Ugly Blob? Or a Pomegranate in the Mirror - Spiegel Grund | by hedbavny
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The Bringer of War. Or just an Ugly Blob? Or a Pomegranate in the Mirror - Spiegel Grund

Part of: The Blob.

Lee Hall "The Pitmen Painters" ("Im Zeichen der Kunst"): The pitmen discussing a painting which Jimmy, one of them, is introducing to the group:


What the hell is this? / It`s an experiment. / What the hell is it supposed to be? / It`s a blob. / It`s a load of bloody rubbish. / That`s nonrepresentational art that is....Aye well this is Preparations For Battle. - In the form of a blob. To me this says: Anticipation, war, approaching atrocities, the lot. I divvint see what`s wrong with it....Every bugger else is deing blobs - left right and center. /It`s not really coming from "you". / Where else is it coming from? Hey I dragged this up from my sub-conscious on the allotment, for christ sake.... Oh, it`s alright if Picasso does a blob, or some posh bloke from London does a blob - But when I do one it "doesn`t come from me". / It doesn`t really matter, whoever painted it, it would still be rubbish. / So all blobs are rubbish, are they. /


What if Henry Moore did a blob, would that be rubbish in all? / If that`s the one he did? Yes! Look, nebody`s saying all blobs are rubbish. Obviously there are blobs and blobs. There were perfectly fine blobs in the Russian Revolution for example. The trouble is this one doesn`t mean anything. That`s the hole point. / It`s challenging the modes of representation. / What`s so wrang with representation all of a sudden. / That`s what I`m saying, man, it`s all old hat. Ye divvint think yer modern artists. In London are deing people in Anderson Shelters and stuff like that. Wey no man they`re challenging the modes of representation. / Aye, but they are proper artists, aren`t they, that`s what they de - Art. - There job is to think about the way you can represent things. It`s all they de. But we are not full time artists so it doesn`t mean anything. We are involved in other things, so us doing art means something different. / Why`s it different for us? / Because we divvint have the means of representation in the first place. How things are represented doesn`t belong to the working class at all. That`s exactly what we have to take back. And this is tantamount to bourgeois formalism. / How the hell`s this bourgeois formalism? I did it on the allotment. / It doesn`t mean anything because it isn`t involved in a proper aesthetic question addressing the class basis of it`s means of production. / So you are saying all blobs are rubbish. / No I`m saying if someone else was deing a blob - Barbara Hepworth for instance - she`d be deing a blob in reaction to whatever blobs other artists were deing. Her blob might be a revolutionary blob for all I know because she`d be attacking the beourgois ideology of the current art world. But your blob is just mimicking a style of a blob which is actually somebody else`s blob, for instance. /


So if I can`t de blobs what am I allowed to draw?! / He`s right, there can`t be one lot of blobs that posh people can draw and another lot of blobs for us lot. / Something`s are bound to be more relevant. We`ve all got a different point of view. It`s still the same subject isn`t it - But one`s reactionary and one`s a politicesed piece of art. /You`re the bloody reactionary. There`s ne point in deing blobs or cubes or whatever unless yer in the art world - cos ne bugger else is interested./ Look, I think the problem with your blob is that neither the form nor the subject really express very much. It´s just an ugly blob; a graphic image on a piece of card. An elaborately painted doodle. It has no resonance. The point is even abstract art must capture the inner beauty of something to be effective. /

Do you actually listen to yourself. Do yous actually think about what yous are saying? It`s crap. It`s all sentimental rubbish, man. Blobs, give me a break man. Real artists would be tearing the whole lot up. Do yous knaa what`s canning on? It`s war!

Wir sind im Krieg Leute!


[Ausschnitte "Pitmen Painters" von Lee Hall]

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