Roast & No Post, Part Deux...

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    1. Beaches Marley .. catching up 33 months ago | reply

      Great graffiti composite
      ~ Commented with Flickr Studio for iPad.

    2. F Scott Fitzgerald 33 months ago | reply

      lovin the roast and no post idea

    3. One LύNe82 33 months ago | reply

      3rd and 4th detail shots = Killers!

    4. F Scott Fitzgerald 33 months ago | reply

      croquembouche with the FLICKR spam.. get outta here. We'll go check out your last pic when we feel like it son.

    5. 54StorminWillyGJ54 33 months ago | reply

      Excellent photo, looks amazing

    6. Anna_Shirley 33 months ago | reply

      great collage!

    7. -onelove. [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      Much should paint something like this now!!

    8. aftersh 33 months ago | reply

      Great capture.

    9. Xtra Terrestrial 32 months ago | reply

      I'm actually on the other end of the spectrum. I don't understand the no post mentality. isn't the point for others to see your creation? What are you getting from not posting? If a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? What your playin' hard to get? Now if you're saving them for mags, that's another thing.

    10. F Scott Fitzgerald 32 months ago | reply

      Yeah- its for others to see.. get off the internet and go find the shit.

    11. Xtra Terrestrial 32 months ago | reply

      you know, you're right. Hey why don't we not have downloading of shows and music? Then people will have to go to concerts to enjoy music, who needs mp3s? #sarcasm

    12. Heavy Metal Gang 32 months ago | reply

      Don't want to speak for the roaster, but the overall sentiment is: Put more emphasis on real world experience than online experience. We wouldn't have a flickr page if we didn't want people to check our shit out, particularly those in other cities and countries. But there is an overabundance of graf on the internet as is, therefore we try to be selective and make our shit count. A little mystery in life never hurt anybody.


    13. Heavy Metal Gang 32 months ago | reply

      Here it is 2012 and I'm stuck explaining why I don't like to post much graffiti, while on the Internet, no less! There are a thousand reasons why a constant barrage of self promotion makes no sense, but here are the ones I thought of first:
      -The Internet is not cool. It’s a time waster that sucks all the wide open free time that you used to have as a kid and secludes you into a dark room instead of getting out and enjoying real life.
      -Scrolling through endless pages of graffiti on flickr or whatever other search engine has become almost a blur. Consider the shelf life of the best piece you see online each week... You look at it once for 2 minutes, tops. Then 30 people “favorite” it and it’s never to be seen or heard from again. Back when you would receive a physical package in the mail from the likes of Faves or Kaput it would literally make your week. Imagine calling your friends over now to look at a stack of never seen before hard copies. -“Psshhh, dude I already seen that on 4 blogs.” Yesterday’s news.
      -It looks desperate. People will wave the always available “this is the era we live in” flag, but it doesn’t have to be. The camera is a common tool, we should document what we are spending our lives obsessing over, but the Internet is not there for you to share every step of your [illegal] day with. You won’t see Derrick Rose posting videos of himself draining 3’s when he gets home from the game at 11pm. Nor is Steve Buscemi going to leak the entire season 3 of Boardwalk Empire. Why? Because their work does the talking.
      -Q: Is Yes2 the best American graffiti writer today? A: Yes, because he doesn’t post anything and he paints almost exclusively by himself. Close the book.
      -When you’ve hung up your hat from the spray language or even further down the track, died of old age and some people get together to discuss your legacy, art, hell maybe they will even actually call it graffiti by then. Is there even a 1 in zillion chance that they’ll say, “Boy, that guy was one hell of an uploader. He sure did know how to scan in them flicks.”? Of course not; your kids don’t give a shit about your computer prowess. They want to see how you actually created things and that you didn’t spend the bulk of your time concerned with what other people thought of you. Isn’t that the pure essence of writing your name wherever you want in the first place?
      At the very least this subculture should want to hold on to a trace of what got all of us here in the first place and that is a need to get our fingernails dirty. You can’t smell the wet chicken feed on the tracks from your living room, or see the urban Coyote, or a shooting star. Maybe a little less posting by everyone would encourage the rest of the camp to get out and find all that is out there. -M

    14. Famalam 32 months ago | reply

      best way to use flickr: type in your word, see whats been caught in the days between your last visit, steal it if its worth it, laugh at it if its awful, cmd + q, and back to life you go.

    15. H.R. Paperstacks 32 months ago | reply

      Many good points. Start trading packs, not looking for a bunch of little kids and outsiders to "like" your flicks. Create a Zine, and showcase the local talent that doesn't get reposed all the time all over the internet. I think a lot of people have forgotten that the Internet is a tool - not reality. Used sparingly its great, rely on it too much and you've already lost contact with a scene you claim to be a part of.

      Just my 2 cents

    16. The Big Ink 32 months ago | reply

      Fucking christ thats dope!

    17. chris nise 31 months ago | reply

      great sentiments expressed in here, even if i probably fall into the 'guilty as charged' category a bit.

    18. Dolo.Fotos.Inc. 26 months ago | reply

      ill murk a motha fucker to find the tunnel that 4th piece is in...

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