Anne Saint Peter : Wall of Women
Artist Reception at ART @t Bridge Club of Center City

All these pics are with two iPhones. Yes I forgot my camera.

Special POST event.

Friday, October 21, 2011
6 – 8pm

August- November 2011


The Wall of Women (WoW) is an ongoing project conceived by Philadelphia photographer / artist, Anne Saint Peter, to honor the many talented women of all disciplines in the Arts.

Begun in the fall of 2008, the project includes black and white analog portraits of over 100 artistic women, including the visual arts, poetics, music and dance. The intent is to showcase the many talented women in the arts – an often overlooked group.

“The project will go on forever,” says Saint Peter, “a kind of Judy Chicago ‘Dinner Party’ that just keeps evolving.”

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Crystal Bacon
Joan Becker
Marion Bell
Ellen Benson
Ava Blitz
Valerie Black
Carol Cole
Dee Colllins
Gina Cooke
Sara Dowling
Maria Fama
Monica Fauble
Susan Fox
Lisa Goldstein
Monica Gomery
Marjorie Grigonis
Hailey Higdon
Sandy Hoffman
Judith Ingram
Amy Kann
Ann Keech
Diane Keller
Ish Klein
Dorthea Lasky
Juliette Lee
Jax Lowell
Sara Lowry
Claire Lynch
Janet Mason
Pattie McCarthy
Heather McComb
KD Mernin
Tessa Micaela
Andrea Mihalik
Cathleen Miller
Anne Minch
Katrina Mojzesz
Toni Nash
Margot Nimiroski
Jess Perlitz
Dolores Poacelli
Lina Potoshak
Eva Preston
Donna Quinn
Sherae Rimpsey
Elizabeth Scalan
Joyce Barker Schwartz
Rita Siemienski Smith
Elaine Teranova
Sandy Webbring
Cathy White
Eleanor Wilner
Etta Winigard
Wendy Wolf
Janell Wysock
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