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Respect | by HeatherMG
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Not really an interesting photo, but I posted it for the story. As I continued walking there was a group of homeless men at the end of the block, and two of them became very animated as I walked past. One motioned to me and said, "park it, park it right here" pointing to the space on the curb next to him, and the other stood up and sort of blocked my path. Neither of them seemed very threatening, but all the same, I was, um, curious to know what was going on. I stopped and the standing guy started asking me if I knew I was supposed to ask permission before I took photos of people.


For a moment I was bewildered, as he continued to talk, then realized these guys thought I was taking their photo while I was taking this one of the church. I said, "Oh, no I wasn't taking a photo of you guys," but the two guys just kept telling me how I had to respect people and all that, and while he was talking I hit playback and showed him the photo. He was like, "no no, you don't need to prove it to me" (but the other guy said, "keep going back, show them all"). It was so weird.


I kind of wanted to say, "You know guys, you're sitting in a park, I can actually take photos of you if I want to," but hey, it was 7 large men versus me and my $1200 camera, and no matter how non-threatening they were, I didn't think that was the best plan. Though really, like andertho, I'm really not going to be taking pictures of homeless people for my own amusement. It was just a very strange encounter, and I have to wonder if this is something these guys come across a lot.

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Taken on May 27, 2007