self-portrait with cuandera cross, skulls and milagro box

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    For whatever reason, this is, out of years of work, one of my favorite self-potraits.

    I was actually in a great deal of physical pain from a scary illness when I took these (Mark doesn't like them, because he can see it in my face, poor dear), and it is a million times cooler and more vibrant printed. But something about a more formal portrait, with objects which are symbolic and dear to me (and which my nonna would have appreciated), and a less-publicly-shown but very common intense introspection appeals.

    Plus, the colors are bright and shiny. Shiny.

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    1. perpetual eyes [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Very cool- looks like something from the Renaissance.

    2. neuro ages ago | reply

      shiny things rock, as garrett will attest to :)

      this looks to me kinda statesmanlike too in a way ... Ladies and Gennlemen, I present to you, the Right Honourable Premier Corinna of Vladibeckistan.

    3. Heather Corinna ages ago | reply

      Oooh, Vladibeckistan.

      Do I get one of them poofy red velvet too-big crowns, then?

    4. neuro ages ago | reply

      sure, although every year on the 23rd of October, it's Falsi Moustachikakkinacho day, where you need to wear a false moustache covered in cappachino foam. Hey, blame the previous Premier!

    5. cc_cassidy ages ago | reply

      Simply beautiful.

    6. tranquil bead [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I like the colors in this photo alot, but what's best about it to me is your face. Pain aside, you look thoughtful/serious/regal. You look beautiful in this shot.

    7. strph ages ago | reply

      This is absolutely amazing!

    8. Églantine ages ago | reply

      Grand portrait!

      I like it all though the crochet over blue has special appeal for me!

    9. Heather Corinna ages ago | reply

      Many thanks! :)

    10. falsefridays ages ago | reply

      this is really, really intense.

      don't know you personally, but i think i can see the pain, too.

    11. conniefied ages ago | reply

      Very cool, makes me think of Frida...

    12. Kansas_Kate ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ¡Locos por lo Espiritual!, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    13. Levi-Miller ages ago | reply

      love it! reminds me of some more recent Sherman stuff!

    14. VSArunKumar ages ago | reply

      This photo is superb and has the potential to win many awards.... I juz got to know about an international film festival happening in India... thought u would be interested.... log on to for more details...

      all the best :-)

    15. Neticola 120 months ago | reply

      Excellent portrait, well done!

      See my group

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