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So, I'm thinking about doing 30 Secrets in 30 Days, but I think I am probably not that interesting and I don't have that many secrets to share. Instead, I'm doing my own version like 10 Secrets In However Many Days I Choose. Now, don't expect these secrets to be mega deep or astounding because really, I don't have that many secrets let alone astounding or deep ones. And don't expect them in any consecutive order either, because I'm not that devoted...a self-portrait a day is enough, let alone a theme to keep up on. Whoo, too much work. So here is Secret 1!


Secret 1: I HATE, HATE, HATE talking on the phone. To anyone really, even my family. It's just weird, uncomfortable and awkward for me. I would so so much rather send you an email, a text or even better just see you in person than talk on the phone. Texting is a savior for people like me who avoid actual talking like the plague.


And, yes, I really was on the phone in this picture, my grandma called wondering how to get pictures from her digital camera onto her computer. Yes, Grandma, just plug it in and hit import...make sure the camera is on. :P That's how I ended up with this secret, talking to her reminded me how much I hate it.


So there ya go. More secrets to come.


EDIT: This whole secret thing is off. I cannot come up with a second secret to share, let alone TEN! YIKES, what was I thinking? So, this is the end of this. Short lived, eh?

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Taken on March 27, 2008