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Demon Relationship Chart | by hearts_murmur
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Demon Relationship Chart

I've been thinking about my demon characters a lot lately, so I made one of these. :3 It is a guide to the interpersonal relationships more than familial relationships (though there are a couple siblings, so I marked them). If a line connects the two pictures, the feeling is mutual. But if it's an arrow, then it's one way and is pointing at the recipient of the feelings. I hope that makes sense! For example, there is a blue arrow pointing from Andras to Ronove, because Andras dislikes Ronove but the feeling isn't mutual. Some lines have two colors, just to try and keep things tidy. XD


Anyway, since I rarely write about these characters or even take pictures of them together, I thought it might be fun to offer some insight into their relationships! You might be surprised about who likes or dislikes who... hahaha. Some of the pictures are placeholders because I've been too lazy to take new photos, but I'll probably update this now and then.


Um, to explain the born demon vs human thing... in my little universe, names from the Ars Goetia are related to specific powers and abilities, and can be inherited by anybody. Some demons are born with a name from the Goetia, if the previous owner of the name died just before they were born. Some demons are born with a regular name, but randomly one day inherit a Goetia name and the powers that come with it. There are also humans, who live in a different world from the demons, and sometimes they inherit a Goetia name and become a demon. It usually happens at a time of great stress in their life. In the cases of both humans and demons who inherit a Goetia name, the Goetia name completely replaces the name they were born with. Nobody can speak the original name, and if they try, the Goetia name comes out of their mouth instead. So the only way you'd ever know their original name is if you knew it before they inherited a new name. In this way it is absolutely impossible for Goetia demons to lie about their identity (the one exception would be Furfur).


On an unrelated note, I totally failed to contribute to Pro BJD Artists Day. ;_; I am kind of uninspired to take photos anyway, but in addition to that I found a ton of mold in my bedroom on that day so I was busy flipping out and scrubbing down the backsides of all my furniture. -____- Hopefully nobody thinks badly of me because I didn't participate. I am definitely not in support of recasts. U_U

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Uploaded on November 23, 2014