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Innocent Smoothie nutritional information label with supermarket in background From ingredients to marketing Innocent Smoothies screams natural, and whilst the company may still be on track to global domination with positive sales results from it European roll out, the company did face something of a stumbling block when mainstream media brought it to the public’s attention that smoothies contained more sugar than virtually all other mainstream drink options on the market. Smoothies make it easy for us to consume quantities of fruit that would seem ludicrous if it were attempted in whole-fruit form. Fructose is of course completely natural, but the danger is in the dosage, and too much can contribute towards diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and even compromised liver function . Juices can also eliminate a lot of the fibre from fruit. Sure, consumers in the know will be aware that the occasional small sip or swallow or a smoothie will provide lots of vitamins, anti-oxidants and other beneficial nutrients. However those who are less informed may well gulp down a whole carton in a single sitting.

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Taken on September 1, 2015