Photographs of single-use plastic bags from people throughout California. These photos will be collected and presented to the California State Senate to urge the passing of a statewide plastic bag ban! Post your photos on Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and/or Facebook and tag them #BagBanCA.

You will not only be helping to pass important environmental legislation, but also be entered to win a "California, Sack the Bag" limited edition T-Shirt!

They float down the street like tumbleweeds, get stuck in trees and wrap around fence posts, flapping like tattered flags in the wind. You know what we’re talking about: Discarded plastic bags.

We want to tell their story, and we need your help. Because we believe that in a sea of text, it's often photographs that catch our eye. We ask you to submit to us your own photographs of plastic bags that you find in their unnatural habitats.
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