Octopus Floods Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
On February 26, 2009 the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium's two-spotted octopus pulled apart the filter in her tank, releasing hundreds of gallons of sea water onto the Aquarium floor.

Update 3/3/05 - many people have stopped by to check on our octopus. She's been doing great and doesn't seem mind all the attention she's been receiving one bit.

We have had a lot of questions about octopus enrichment. One of the ways we provide our octopus with enrichment is to place some of her favorite food items (such as chopped squid) in a plastic ball and allow her figure out how to take the ball apart to get the treat inside.

Update 3/5/09: damage and repairs photos added. We're estimating damages to the facility will amount to an excess of $15,000.

Update 3/8/09 Kids' Corner and one public restroom will be closed until at least Monday 3/9

You can help the Aquarium raise funds for repairs by "adopting" our octopus or one of her friends today!

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