hot and cold
4 pages plus envelopes for hot and cold zine #4. total of 510 impressions. 3 wood cuts, one screen, one xerox for Hot & Cold This is the largest edition I have ever carved, inked, pulled, printed and hung to dry.

A Canary’s last breath is used to sing a song (Top). My heart was beating fast like that of a tiny mouse (envelope). Woodcut pages done for Hot & Cold.

HOT AND COLD 4. Published 2005. made in edition of 150. triple exposure photograph and sewn paper cover by Vic Blue. 86 pages. original woodblocked pages and envelope by Nathalie Roland. original silkscreened pages by Alicia McCarthy and Sahar Khoury. inserts by: Chris Wright(zine), Lori d.(dvd), Andrew Dudek(cd), Griffin McPartland(zine), Joseph Hart(sticker). Artists include: Nathalie Roland, Sarah Smith, Robert Gutierrez, Ryan Wallace, Griffin McPartland, Oliver Halsman Rosenberg, Alicia McCarthy, Sahar Khoury, Joseph Hart, Lisa Sussman and Lori D.

Read more about this 10 volume collaborative zine project put together by Chris Duncan and Griffin McPartland on Fecal Face
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