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Way back when I worked on a farm in Minnesota. There was an old B Tractor we had to use and I wanted to learn how to drive it so my friend sat me in it and instructed me how.


You do this, this and this he says to me. Sounds easy enough I thought. So I started the big green and yellow beast and did this, that and this. The enginge revved as I gave it gas but went nowhere. I gave it more gas and the engine got louder but I stll was not moving, I looked down at my friend yelling over the commotion, You FORGOT To Put It In Gear he yells at me. So I popped it in gear ... with my foot still on the gas. The front wheels came off the ground about six feet as I tore off down the field.


It wasn't until the third time I did a wheely in the tractor that the farmer drove out in his beat up truck to ask me not to drive anymore.


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Taken on August 30, 2012