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It's Not Tough Sailing A Ship | by hbmike2000
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It's Not Tough Sailing A Ship

Dear Diary,

Captain Whats His Name let me drive the ship today for the first time. He then scolded me for jumping up and down and clapping my hands, said it was unpirate like. He then laid out the course for me. He wanted me to pull out of port, circle Tom Sawyers Island and pull back into port again. I can't tell you how excited I was.


It started off kind of rough. I was full speed out of port and I may of hit a few things on the way out. Or everything, I'm not really sure with all the screaming going on.


I took the first corner kinda fast and had to put the ship on a 45 degree angle to keep from tipping. You should of seen the wave I created, it was AWESOME! I uprighted the ship and looked over at Captain Whats His Name with his hair flying straight out behind him and could see he was saying something to me. I couldn't hear what he was saying with the wind rushing by so fast. I assumed he was looking for his hat. I yelled back he should of used Bobby Pins to secure it better. His mouth dropped open in the 'O' position so I believe he heard me.


As we rounded the second corner at around 100 MPH I forgot to bank the ship and a couple of things (and a pirate or two) may have flown off the deck. It was ok though because they could hold onto the mast that went over too.


By this time we were coming back to the port, I could see Captain Whats His Name crawling through the Hurricane force winds towards me yelling something. I yelled back I couldn't hear him. He yelled again. I shrugged back. He yelled louder and this time I heard him.




I looked up, saw we were in port and about to hit the Bountiful Booty Nursery for Pirate Younguns. I was so proud of myself, I stayed calm, cool and collected. I reached down, dropped anchor, the ship flipped and I saw Captain Whats His Name fly through the air! What a guy! He's never once bragged about being able to fly!


I haven't heard back yet from Captain Whats His Name but all in all, I think it was a pretty good day. I can't wait till he gets back, I'm sure I'll get promoted.


View in black or I'll drop anchor on your toe


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Taken on July 26, 2012