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Paging Dr Drillum

The sky was dark as I opened the door to the small ominous building. A little bell went off as I entered the cold room and spotted the receptionist behind a window. How can I help you she asked. I opened my mouth wide and pointed to my back tooth, AAAHHHHGGGHHH, I said. She seated me and told me the Doctor would be with me in a moment. Soon enough, my time came. The Doctor looked at my teeth and informed me my wisdom teeth needed to be removed. She would do two now and two later. I informed her once she pulled two that she would probably never see me again so she might as well pull all four. She injected me with enough novocain to numb an elephant and went to work. Two came out fine. As she began the third I heard her mumble under her breath, alarm bells ringing in my head. I saw the pliers bearing down on me then my head was pulled up. No feeling. Aha! she said, Got it. The pliers came for the fourth, more mumbling. Then her leg raised and came down on my chest. One leg on my chest, two arms bearing down on me, my heading being pulled forward as she yanked, the fourth came after a valiant fight. She finished, billed me and sent me on my way.


Upon arriving home, my roomate looked at me, horrified. Wha wa mawwa I slobbered. Apparentlly I looked like a horror movie with drool and blood all over my face. He asked if I had pain medication, I replied she told me to take Tylenol. He called his brother in law and got me a prescription for something much stronger which it turns out after two hours I needed badly.


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Some stories don't need to be embelished. It took two weeks for the bruise on my chest from her leg to go away

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Taken on May 3, 2012