CopperBeech Casper
Get Grounded Equine. Purebred imported bay Fell Stallion

Copper was foaled May, 2006 in Cornwall, England. He came to the U.S. as a weanling in 2007. He has been a herd-sire on a large ranch in Medford since mid-2009.
Copper has been residing in Eugene since June 2013 under the management and training of Kimberly Dunn. Copper has a very pleasant temperament, confidant and willing to please. Aside from learning a good solid foundation, Copper is learning to do obstacle work including mt. trail, freestyle off-lead work, and to become a solid trail mount.
You can see some of Copper's progeny in other sets on this Flickr page. Look for Braeberry Victor, Ruby, and Lydia.
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