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Auroran Royal Navy SF-18 'Loki' | by нawк
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Auroran Royal Navy SF-18 'Loki'

After RNI Systems (a newcomer to starfighter design)' huge success with the SF-15a 'Shrike' pursuit fighter, the "spookboys" at the Office of Unspecified Operations requested something similar, a variant, perhaps, with a heavier loadout to be used in their assault operations. RNI gave them something better: the Loki. While the Loki's spaceframe is in many ways similar to the Shrike, there are many key differences.


The Loki is specially optimized for use in high-speed "jam and slam" operations. While not actually a stealth craft, its carbon-fibre construction and classified electronic warfare equipment allow it to blend in to allied sensor jamming to the point of near-invisibility. It is also equipped with specially hardened sensors and communication gear allowing it to function in these environments.


Unspecified Operations often deploys the Loki in ambushes and raids on enemy convoys and capital ships. The three-barrel 'Avenger' Gatling mass-driver, originally designed by the Vannevar Corperation for the Loki project, is a devastating weapon against large ships with its capability to fire over 5000 rounds of superheated tungsten per minute, at near-light velocities. Unfortunately, the weapon's kickback limits it's utility against enemy fighters, but for these purposes, the Loki is outfitted with a pair of Hellion pulse cannons.


Use of the Loki is currently restricted to Unspecified Operations pilots, and as such, most of the records of its service are unfortunately classified. Lord Marshal Sorel has currently authorized the deployment of a Loki to the planet Chicago for parade duties."

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Taken on May 4, 2009