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Crested Cara Cara (caracara plancus)

Distribution:- Northern California, South West Arizona, Southern Texas, Cuba, South America, Falkland Islands.


Habitat:- Dry or wet prairie areas, lightly wooded areas, improved or semi-improved pasture & almost always in open countryside. Cara Caras do not usually congregate, instead pairs spread themselves thingly over wide areas.


Feeding:- Highly opportunistic in their feeding habits, they will feed on carrion and live prey. Their extremely varied diet consists of fish, insects, birds, rabbits, skunks, prairie dogs, squirrels, frogs, crabs, lizards. and young alligators.


Behaviour:- Diurnal & non miratory. Hunting is on the wing, from perches & on the ground. Along with vultures they regularly patrol highways in search of carrion. However, they are dominant over the larger bird & will drive it from the road kill.


The Cara Cara is a very intelligent bird and learns very quickly, I've seen some amazing behaviour from them.

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Taken on April 16, 2009