Human Brain Evolution

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A golden spiral over lay on a human brain. It looks coincide with a human brain evolution. At the beginning of the spiral, there is the "pineal gland". Is the pineal gland the first and the oldest brain?

One more thing. Did you watch a movie "Pi"? It's a movie about mathematics and a quest for the "truth". At the end of the movie, Max Cohen, a leading character of the movie, screwed a side of head using electric drill. I didn't understand well why do that and why the side of head. But now I understand maybe it is because to access a center of the spiral.

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  1. antarctica246 58 months ago | reply

    Very fascinating and cool.The book cover is beautiful and the Wiki was really interesting .

  2. Dylerpillar 58 months ago | reply

    Reminds me of a seashell.

  3. kf333 58 months ago | reply

    Wonderful discovery !

    m(. .)m 凄いです(!)

  4. antarctica246 57 months ago | reply

    I just watched the movie "Pi" two times. It seemed to me the mis guided quest for truth highlights our pathway to self destruction, and the necessity for balance in life and nature. The film was amazing, very intense.

  5. hawkexpress 57 months ago | reply


    Hello there. Nice to hear you watched "PI" movie. ;)
    Following link might be interesting to you.

    "Ten Bulls" @ Wikipedia

    You can find similar "plot" in some stories, movies, etc, e.g. Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" (this is also good as "Pi" movie :)).

  6. kf333 57 months ago | reply

    m(. .)m


  7. hawkexpress 57 months ago | reply

    >> k さん


    PoIC entropy model explains the "Ten Bulls".

    それと、Ten Bulls の関連項目 Monomyth

    "PoIC+43Tabs Circle" is similar to "Hero's Journey" circle of Monomyth? Some more search results.

  8. kf333 57 months ago | reply


  9. hawkexpress 57 months ago | reply

    >> k san

    Yes. And your flickr, blog, etc. are records of your "journey". :)

  10. kf333 56 months ago | reply

    Thank you. This conception is very interesting (The motivation increases !).

  11. FotoRossiFRG 54 months ago | reply

    very interesting combination!

  12. contactus@ 49 months ago | reply

    very good. I like those antique spanish maps of south america that show the unexplored parts as populated by wild creatures of the imagination

  13. carlijne philips 4 months ago | reply

    Hi! May I use this photo? Have not seen anything like this before.

  14. hawkexpress 4 months ago | reply


    Sure! :)

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