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I am blank until used, and express without speaking. I carry an infinite amount of possibilities, and I am one of many. Easily disposed, I am— But easily treasured just the same. I can be found nearly everywhere, and I can travel great distance, I can fortify peace between nations, and I can be evidence of wrong-doing. A form of communication, I can bring about the peace of the world, or bring its destruction, with but a few decisive words. I can be a silent weapon, and I can be a lovely matchmaker, I can be a life-story, and I can be your dream unheard. Teaching I can do, for it is not difficult, knowing I do not have to know— What it is to be taught. I am the present, I am the past, I am the history, in its stated fact. You cannot hear me, but I can speak— Even without words, I can be the pitch and beat. I differ in physical appearance— Shape, size, and color, I am the variety, for your adapting taste and desire.


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Taken on December 14, 2011