Trek to Pakistan's Frozen Frontier - 3rd Pole of the World
In July 2016, 8 Members of Khyber Medical College Hiking Club succeeded in Trekking to one of the most spectacular place with raw reminiscences of nature. Places Trekked, Sighted & Crossed include Baltoro Glacier, Paiju Peak, Trango Towers, Mashebrem, Mustagh Towers, Concordia, K2 Base Camp, Broad Peak Base Camp, Laila Peak Base Camp, The Gasherbrem series, Godwin Austin Glacier, Vinge Glacier, Gondoghoro Glacier, Mitre Peak, Marble Peak, Baltoro Kangri, Chogholisa. The team instead of returning back via the same route (Baltoro Glacier) decided to return via treacherous Gondogoro La. The Famed Concordia which was described by an American Mountaineer as ' The Throne Room of Mountain Fathers’. Concordia – 4670 is tripoint for the confluence of World’s mightiest and longest glacial systems outside Poles of the Earth. Pakistan indeed has special blessing of ALLAH for gifting it with the largest source of clean water, which flows to the mainland Pakistan. Expedition 2016 of KMC Hiking Club was the 5th of its kind to be administered solely by the students of Khyber Medical College and indeed they kept it to the mark of Perfection. Trekking in the Karakorum’s and precisely the trek to Concordia/K2 & BP Base Camp/Gondogoro la gives lasting memories of this glacial isolation at the mercy of nature with moments to cherish for lifetime. I and my team share a strong resolve of respect to these towering mountains and their inhabitants.
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