Iron Beans in Rwanda
New iron‐rich beans to provide more iron in the diets of millions of Rwandans are being developed.

Children and women will be the main beneficiaries of these new bean varieties, which could provide up to 30% of their daily iron needs.

The iron-rich beans are being bred by the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) using conventional breeding methods.

The beans are also high yielding and resistant to major diseases and pests.
Once harvested, they are highly marketable due to their large seed size and their preferred colors, including red and white that are sought by consumers.

Farmers will be able to grow these new beans to feed their families. They can also harvest and share seeds with others in their community, amplifying the nutritional benefits.

This development and delivery of iron-rich beans is being funded by HarvestPlus. Partners include RAB, CIAT, other Rwanda Government agencies and local partners.
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