Gallery 224 Reception | George Bowes, Rosenfield Collection
"Chemical Addiction | Exemplary Ceramic Surfaces from the Rosenfield Collection" and
"Polyfunctional | George Bowes"

Opening Reception: Friday, June 24, 2016, 5pm - 7pm

Exhibition Dates: Monday, June 20th - Friday, August 12th, 2016

Exhibition Descriptions:

“Chemical Addiction – Exemplary Ceramic Surfaces from the Rosenfield Collection”

This exhibition, curated by visiting artist George Bowes with Louise Rosenfield celebrates the vast collection of contemporary ceramics amassed by David and Louise Rosenfield of Dallas, Texas. Through their generosity, a selection of work featuring dynamic glaze surfaces and surface techniques will be featured in the gallery. This exhibition was conceived to serve as a study collection to enhance participants' experience in the workshop “Ceramic Surfaces for the Visual Artist” facilitated by George Bowes. For this collection to be shared with the public is a unique opportunity to appreciate the artistry of some of the most talented voices in contemporary ceramic art today.

Artists featured in the exhibition: Mary Barringer, Peter Beasecker, Joan Bruneau, William Brouillard, Rebecca Chappell, Andrea Denniston, Deidre Daw, David Eichelberger, John Gill, Jim Gottuso, Daphne Hatcher, Michael Hunt/Naomi Dalglish, Matt Hyleck, Sarah Jaeger, Gail Kendall, Kirk Mangus, Andrew Martin, Jeffrey Nichols, Sean O'Connell, Mark Pharis, Judith Salomon, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Kari Smith, Holly Walker, Adero Willard, gwendolyn yoppolo.

A selection of the vast collection of David and Louise Rosenfield can be seen at

Photos: gwendolyn yoppolo (top left), Yoko Sekino-Bove (top right), Kari Smith (middle left), Deidre Daw (middle right),
Joan Bruneau (lower left), Daphne Hatcher (lower right).

"Polyfunctional | George Bowes"

polyfunctional, (english) Adjective

(chemistry) Having multiple different or same functional groups in the same compound
This exhibition features unique pieces or grouping of objects that can serve multiple functions when their directional orientation is changed. In one example a fruit bowl when reversed can be a fruit podium. When a water reserve is placed below the form it becomes a flower brick. When the water reserve is reversed it becomes a cheese plate and when placed in side the fruit bowl it becomes a cracker basket.

As diverse as the functions of the works so are the materials. Forms are rendered in Cone 10 Porcelain, Cone 10 Stoneware, Cone 6 Porcelain and Cone 04 Red Earthenware. They are fired in a wood kiln, reduction and oxidation atmospheres. Observing what happens in each temperature and atmospheric conditions, connections have been made to unify the varying surface techniques and processes.

Artist Bio
George Bowes was born in 1961 in Toledo, Ohio and lives in Galveston, Texas. He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art (BFA, 1984) and the University of California, Davis, (MFA 2001). He has received multiple Individual Artist Fellowships from the Ohio Arts Council and an Arts Midwest / NEA Regional Visual Arts Fellowship Award. His works reside in public and private collections that include the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and the Joseph Schein International Museum of Ceramic Art. George imbues both functional vessels and sculptural objects with bold pronouncements on the many ironies of humanity, society and politics. Occasionally biting, endlessly quick-witted, the sentiments always elicit lively reactions. His distinctive use of bold color and vivid pattern on vessels for home use speak of his ideas of beauty and vitality and live as a refreshing island in the landscape of functional art.
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