2016 Ship Ashore
Just south of the Oregon border, along U.S. Highway 101, sits the “Ship Ashore.” The former 500 ton, 1920s yacht was a combination billboard, gift shop and museum, but closed about five years ago.

In 1965, a dozen tractors pulling cables in unison, dragged the vessel a quarter mile inland. The dry land voyage took ten hours.

The “Ship Ashore” started as the Caritas, a private yacht built in 1925 at Krupp Iron Works in Kiel, Germany. Purchased by U.S. Navy on December 1, 1941, the Caritas became the USS Garnet, a coastal patrol yacht numbered PYc-15. Armed with a three inch gun, machine guns and depth charges, and a crew of 50, the USS Garnet spent the war conducting patrols around Hawaii.

In 1946, the Garnet was sold and ending up as a restaurant in Smith River, California. In 1965 she made her last voyage - on dry land.

An April 20, 2015 article in Super Yacht World online magazine offered up the former Caritas as a “restoration opportunity” for someone with several million dollars of loose change.
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