2016 Old Trapper's Lodge
From 1941 until the mid 1980s, Old Trapper’s Lodge was located at Arvilla Ave., and San Fernando Road in Burbank. Owner and self-taught artist John Ehn filled the site with his folk-art creations.

In the 1980s, the lodge was torn down, but Ehn’s creations were relocated to Pierce College in Woodland Hills.

From a plaque at Pierce College:

Old Trapper’s Lodge is one of California’s remarkable twentieth century fold environments. It represents the life work of John Ehn (1897-1981). A self-taught artist who wished to pass on a sense of the old west, derived from personal experiences, myths, and tall tales. From 1951 to 1981, using his family as models, and incorporating memorabilia, the “Old Trapper” followed his dreams and visions to create the lodge and its “Boot Hill.”

California Registered Historical Landmarks No. 939.
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