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What Should Be In The Frame? - Yaohan Centre X0485e | by Harris Hui (in search of light)
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What Should Be In The Frame? - Yaohan Centre X0485e

Photography is all about what is in the frame.


So what should be in the frame? That is the basic question of composition.


I am notorious to be having so many bad habits i.e. using tripod, shooting in all kinds of light and slow-paced in finding composition (deciding on what should be in the frame).


My photo clubs friends have been teasing me and making fun of me about these bad habits all the time. With good intention in helping me to improve in picture taking, they have made suggestions such as “shoot first, crop later”, “don’t think too much before clicking shutter” etc. But I am old and stubborn guy who would like to do things right in camera. I still stay with my bad habits although I really appreciate advice from my friends. I feel blessed and fortunate and lucky to get any interesting compositions since slow guy like me is destined to lose all the “decisive moments”. :o)


Nowadays with the advent of high pixel count camera, I believe the “shoot first, crop later” will be main stream because people will not worry about the impact on image quality or image size. Of course I would think you cannot change your position, point of view, angle of view, direction of light or perspective after clicking the shutter and solely by means of cropping.


With more flexibility offered by technological advances such as light field camera and sensor capable to capture low noise and high dynamic range images, photographers will tend to decide on things such as focus point, depth of field, pull or push processing with high ISO in the post-production stage. Who will care too much about doing things right in camera?


I guess very soon photographers like me will be disappearing like dinosaurs.


Thanks for your visit and I will appreciate all your comments, suggestions and discussions on this hard core topic!


Happy Monday and have a great week ahead!


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Taken on April 22, 2012